Property in Indonesia remains one of the best investment

Business property in Indonesia remains one of the best investment options in addition to the gold until it reaches its peak in the year 2016 – 2017.

So the outline of the Talk show held by The Great Podomoro Land on Saturday night is set in Central Park, as well as close the show event of the exhibition the products property of the Agung Podomoro Land where one is a Major City which is the largest self-contained city from the project Great Podomoro Land above 160 acres on the island of Ha, the first to be made an independent metropolitan city which will make coastal North Jakarta City independent world class international.

agung podomoro

The Talk show was also attended by a famous artist, Sandra Dewi in this talk show said that she is now already have a property business and even became the owner of a property developer on the island of Bali.

Sandra Dewi in a Property Expo Talk Show

Whether her earnings in the world of the artist is not enough anymore, so must sell the property? Sandra Dewi said that the artist’s profession is very sufficient everything but time is now also entering into a business that has a prospect who can guarantee the investment future, namely the field properties that are shining brightly in Indonesia, and it also became her profession as artist in addition to being a successful businessman in the Real Estate properties.


“Praise the Lord, a business that I run together with younger brother is running successfully and smoothly”, says this Quickie Express movie actor when asked the author after talk show event is completed.

She admitted it would take seven years to learn about the ins and outs of property business to finally be invited to partner with renowned property developer, Paramount Serpong.

In running wheel business, Sandra Dewi always pay attention to the amount of profit to be eaten. Therefore, she does not want random in doing business and making it lose money as long as it was used as a capital investment.

According to the artist, the property is the most potential business at this time. As she assesses the purchase of land and property will never lose money, because the price will be increased steadily. However, the decision to do business must be in truly mature consideration.


For Sandra, the growth in the number of investment properties in Indonesia, especially in big cities such as Jakarta, is very promising to serve as land business. But not only in Jakarta, Sandra is also investing her money in Bali. She is listed as a Commissioner in Tanjung Benoa, Bali Hotel.

Although most of her dreams of small already materialized, Sandra still has goals that are higher that could soon make it.

“I want to build a Super Block area outside Jakarta (Plan in Sumatra), which consists of the housing(jual rumah), hospitals, schools and so forth,” her hope.

“If we open the restaurant, there is certainly a loss. But if its a property then the value will continue to go up, up and up (profit), ” she explained.

At this time, said Sandra, she chose to play her money for land bought land and House

Sandra Dewi, a well-known artist who want to plunge directly into the property developers must be one evidence that investing in the property sector is very promising in Indonesia. “The property sector invest only in case you really want to be rich and it can be a blessing to other people create” as the closing statement from Sandra Dewi when requested closed the event by talk show host.

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