Small Real Estate Business Owners Reveal What Motivates Them

What motivated you the most to start your online venture? Here’s what motivated our survey respondents.

Poll Results

What motivated you the most to start your online real estate venture?

Promote your existing offline business 26.5% (349 votes)
Be your own boss 24.3% (325 votes)
Flexible hours / more time with family 21.4% (286 votes)
Great idea or product to sell 16.2% (216 votes)
Make more money than your previous job 12.0% (160 votes)

An executive calls for a pointless meeting. A manager takes credit for an employee’s hard work. Someone is required to stay until the clock reads 6:00, even if the work is already done. Any of these sound familiar? Painfully familiar, perhaps?

Every time one of these scenarios plays out, another small business owner may be born. “Being your own boss” and “flexible hours/more time with family” are the powerful urges that motivated almost half of our poll respondents to start their own business.

These small business owners really do have it all

For Wahyudi Sudiyono (, a real estate broker community manager and mother of two young sons, being her own boss is the key to a successful work-family balance: “I can take as many or as few clients as I like. It allows me the flexibility I need as a mother.”

However, while they may appreciate the joys of escaping dull meetings and clock-watching, small business owners encounter a new set of challenges unique to their situation. Wahyudi points out that “there is no such thing as leaving the job at the office. I often answer emails at midnight.”

Rika Cornelia ( agrees: “You do the job or it doesn’t get done.” She goes on to say, “The biggest surprise has been the problem with availability and cost of health insurance; it’s not easy to find a good plan and it’s a huge expense!”

Still, for Rika Cornelia and husband Christopher, owning their own real estate business gives them the flexible hours they prefer and more opportunities for spending time with their daughter. As with many parents who are also small business owners, this control over their lives is worth the sacrifices.

The coolest “brochure” you’ve ever seen

The other great motivator for starting an online venture is to promote an existing offline business. Some businesses sell products online, while others use their web sites as business card, brochure and references rolled into one. Such is the case for Joni Wang (, who relies on her web site to attract and screen potential clients.

Joni says, “Our site is very important from a marketing and sales point of view. We have an informational web site primarily. But it is very important because it is instant information. Clients do not have to wait to see the work we have done.” It also doesn’t hurt that Informasi Properti Agens’ Property web site is so darned cool!

Turning those motivators into reality

We’d all like to work fewer hours, make more money, use our creativity and find the perfect work-family balance. If you know an instant formula for achieving all that, you have your own ticket to fame and fortune. For the rest of us, it’s a lifelong (or at least career-long) path to achieving some or maybe even all of those goals. And small business owners are probably further along the path than most-now that’s motivational.

Common Mistakes when choosing home in Jakarta

Simulated Comic Product Real Estate:

Common Mistakes when choosing home in Jakarta, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Utara, Kelapa Gading, Bintaro, BSD, Cibubur, Depok, Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang.

First thing first, upcoming news from Pekan Raya Jakarta in Kemayoran.

PT Jakarta Intl Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta organized a Fair return (JFK) 2016 as the multi product event exhibition and the biggest family entertainment arena in the Southeast Asia. The event will officially begin held today, June 10, at JIExpo Kemayoran Arena, Central Jakarta.

This year Jakarta Fair Kemayoran will take place over the next 38 days, starting June 10 until July 17, 2016.

The Organization of this time is the first time since the 49 was held in 1968. The event regularly held every year without ever unbroken; even today 36-year cycle once the momentum Jakarta Fair in unison with the month of Ramadan and Lebaran, thus bringing its own opportunities for all businessmen who are involved in it.

This year Jakarta Fair Kemayoran Jakarta Fair theme brings the spirit of building the country, with the sub theme of Jakarta Fair Kemayoran goes forward together with Indonesia, boost the spirit of advancing the welfare of the people, the nation and the State.

This theme is taken because the JFK exhibition is the biggest multi product is the mirror of our economic progress. Expected increase in productivity, an increase in the spirit of creativity, as well as the spirit of innovation in industry and trade exists in the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2016 can be a trigger for increased stability of the national economy in the future.

Exhibition and entertainment specialties
Ahead of the opening of the event in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran is ready to offer its visitors with an exhibition stand multi product. Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2016 is expected to be the main objective of the family shopping and sightseeing during Ramadan and lebaran season.

The event was attended by over 2,000 corporate participants who showcased a variety of excellent products with discounts typical of Jakarta Fair. The participants came from a variety of business scale either multinational companies, large, medium business, small business including Real Estate Agents and Property Owners, STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, as well as provincial governments and district pavilions from different parts of the country.

A variety of excellent products that will be exhibited including automotive, furniture, lighting fixtures, garment, textile & household appliances, electronic equipment, computers, sports, cosmetics, herbal & medicine, food and beverages, banking, telecommunications, multimedia, property, products, services to a wide range of craft products.

In addition to the filled a variety of trade fairs, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran will also filled a variety of family entertainment events such as music concerts on the main stage, performing a cultural Carnival, cabaret shows and cosplay, Betawi cultural performances, as well as a variety of entertainment events draw in exhibition booths.

On the first day of the term Jakarta Fair Kemayoran, organizers will give the dish the opening ceremony Jakarta Fair Kemayoran will be marked with Fireworks.

Not only that, the meat offering live music performances on the main stage music concerts JFK 2016 is also ready to entertain the visitors. Top band Indonesia namely D’Masiv is ready to entertain visitors of Jakarta Fair Kemayoran on the first day.

What are you waiting for? Come watch the wonderful togetherness Ramadan festivities in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2016.


When buying your first home you can avoid some common pitfalls by knowing about the ten common mistakes first-time buyers make during the process of purchasing a home.

Although you might not see yourself doing everything on the list, brokers agree that the average first-time buyer does at least one of the following:

Timing problems

Most first-time buyers are renters, but many decide to buy a home just after signing a lease for another year. Don’t sign a long-term lease if you expect to buy a home before that lease period expires, otherwise you’ll end up writing rent and mortgage checks.

Looking at homes you can’t afford


First-time buyers often hear that they can buy a home up to 2 1/2 times their combined income. That might be true, but you also have to factor in your debts, down payment and the interest rate. In order to save the heartache, get pre-qualified through your local lending institution. There’s no cost or obligation, and the lender will tell you exactly how much house you can afford to buy.

Buying the wrong size home

agen properti jakarta

First-time buyers often purchase 2-bedroom condominiums. For the same price, and possibly even the same location, your dollars might buy a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home, which would give you additional flexibility.

Buying in a neighborhood in Jakarta Selatan you know nothing about

Sometimes It’s been not uncommon foreign citizens (FOREIGNERS) who lived and worked in Indonesia, was no exception in the capital city of Jakarta. With a dream to live better lives in Indonesia, usually a FOREIGN NATIONAL is also interested in buying property in Indonesia. First-time buyers Actually, there are several ways that ordinary applied so that FOREIGNERS can own property in Indonesia even though the condition is not as easy as for Indonesia Citizen (WNI) fall in love with a house in a neighborhood that is inappropriate for them. Even though you’ll live in the house, you’ll have to travel to Jakarta Barat and Jakarta Timur through the neighborhood to get there. To avoid making this huge mistake, spend some time in Kelapa Gading, Bintaro, BSD City, and Pondok Indah before you buy rumah dijual. Drive from Ulujami to Pondok Ungu and from the house. Sit in your car and watch your future neighbors come home from Kemanggisan. The Foreigners can buy the property, but at a minimum price of Rp 5 billion, it’s also specific only to apartment and condominium.

jual beli rumah terbaik
Jakarta Selatan property sales race ahead while prices mark time

First house is best theory

Coming from a cramped rental, almost any home will look good. Avoid jumping at the first home you see. Look at 10, 20 or even 30 homes until you feel you know what’s on the market. Season your eyes by inspecting different types of homes, including condos, town houses, duplexes and single family houses.
When you’ve finally narrowed your choices to three or four, revisit them again. Then make your decision. Although some completely impulsive decisions work out, most do not.

Buying a property in Surabaya that is difficult to resell in Jawa Timur

For FOREIGNERS looking to buy property in Indonesia, they have to spend enough in especially when looking to buy property in the capital Jakarta. The reason, there are regulations that set a minimum purchase price of property of a FOREIGN NATIONAL whose value reached Rp 5 billion.

This rule is made for reasons of protection of society Indonesia khsusunya that have low purchasing power. In addition, the purchase of property for FOREIGN NATIONAL is only intended for the purchase of an apartment or condo and not the House footprint.

Overextending your budget for buying Properti in Cinere

Foreign citizens can buy property in Indonesia by using the usage rights. Whether that usage rights? Usage rights is the right to and charge results from land ruled directly by citizens or land belonging to another person are authorized.

These usage rights can be used in a given period i.e. 30 years and could be extended at most 20-year-old. To obtain usage rights to the FOREIGN NATIONAL, a certificate of origin must be changed first into usage rights for later being exchange from the transaction subject to passport and KIM s.

Better to buy something less expensive that will give you greater peace of mind and allow for a few extras.

Being indecisive

No one’s saying you shouldn’t take your time when finding the right house, but many first-time buyers are afraid of making commitment. That fear is easily conquered, once you’ve lost two or three homes you really liked. Or, talk out your fears with your realtor. Remember, others have tread this way before.

Choosing the wrong mortgage

Many first-time buyers have heard from their parents that the only mortgage to get is a 30-year fixed. That’s because most parents didn’t have the tailor-made financial choices buyers have today.

The type of mortgage you choose will depend on several factors including how long you plan to live in your home. Your lender should help you choose the best loan for your particular circumstances.

Under-insuring the property

First-time buyers know they have to buy home insurance to cover their mortgage. Sometimes they forget to insure the contents of the house.

Think about how much it would cost you to replace your furniture, clothing, books, CD’s, artwork and pots and pans. Add up everything and then tack on the cost of actually rebuilding the home should it burn to the ground. If you want it all replaced, that’s how much insurance you should buy.